Top 10 Teacher Gift Ideas for Christmas

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If you’ve read any of my other gift idea posts you know that I absolutely love to Christmas shop! Buying presents for people is one of my favorite parts of the season and brings me so much joy! It doesn’t really bother me at all to have to try to figure out what the perfect gift for someone would be. I’ve received a lot of questions this year from friends about gift ideas for their kid’s teachers. After thinking this over and doing some research I can tell you that they do not want coffee mugs, trinkets to sit on their desk, or ornaments! I’m sure there are exceptions to this but I would bet that they are few and far between!

Gift Ideas for Teachers

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Gift ideas that vary in price range so you can choose an expensive gift for the teacher you are married to or an inexpensive teacher gift from your elementary school children!


1. Guard Dog Security Bulletproof Bulletin Board Calendar

This is my favorite but least practical option.  If I were married to a teacher, or the mother of a teacher, etc. this would be at the very top of my gift list for them.  Every time I turn on the news they are reporting a shooting somewhere that has injured or killed multiple people.  Many of these have been at schools.  This calendar doubles as a bulletproof shield!
Bulletproof Calendar teacher gift


2. Lilly Pulitzer Agenda

Everyone loves to get gifts that they wouldn’t buy themselves!  Teachers need agendas and the Lilly Pulitzer brand are some of the best on the market.  What woman wouldn’t love a pretty planner!
Lilly Pulitzer planner teacher gift


3. Subscription Boxes

I have recently fallen in love with subscription boxes! Honestly, I think a lot of people have. They are everywhere and there seems to be one for everything and everyone! Teachers are no different…why wouldn’t they love getting a box full of goodies repeatedly? I have found the 2 best options available for teachers!  The Teachers Black Box has basic and innovate supplies for every teacher and the Dear Educator Box was created for teachers to show appreciation and inspire them!


4. Stationary

Teachers love stationary and can always use pretty notepads to take notes or write notes to others on.  There are designers like Lilly Pulitzer and Kate Spade who excel in making super cute stationary sets!

Lilly Pulitzer Stationary










Everyone needs a good bookmark and these specifically for teachers are the perfect inexpensive gift for your child’s teacher!  My daughter would give her teacher this cute one for sure!  Or maybe these beautiful handmade natural wood ones for a nicer option!

Teacher Bookmarks








6. Fragrant Hand Sanitizers

Every teacher needs hand sanitizer! After all, they are surrounded by children all day long in the height of flu season!  This set of Bath & Body Works Winter’s Magic set is a great option for a Christmas gift.
Hand sanitizer teacher gift

7. Drinking Cup Holder Clip

Teacher’s desks are notoriously messy!  What do they do if their desk is completely covered with papers that need to be graded and lesson plans?  They use this holder that hangs off the side of the desk out of the way!

Cup holder teacher gift


8. Lindt Chocolate

Everyone appreciates a nice box of fine chocolates!
Chocolate gift for teachers


9. Classroom Supplies

It may not seem like the most thoughtful gift but teachers actually appreciate supplies for their classroom.  There are never enough funds and buying things out of their own pocket isn’t always an option.  Here is a list of some of the most needed supplies to help you.  Maybe you can make them a little gift basket!



10. Gift Cards

I just figured out that you can order gift cards on Amazon!  Hopefully I wasn’t the last to know!  If you aren’t comfortable picking gifts for someone else then gift cards are the perfect solution.  Starbucks and Amazon are always a great idea!  I personally would go for SpaFinder because after being with children for half of the year they could probably use a little pampering!


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