(VIDEO) Sights You Have To See On The Las Vegas Strip!

We had the most exciting business trip we’ve had yet…in Las Vegas!  I was so excited…and so tired of hearing people tell me that the heat is different out there.  If there is one thing you learn quickly in Las Vegas in July it is that hot is hot…it doesn’t matter if it is humid or dry when it is 105 degrees. You are going to be sweaty either way!  Other than that little fact it was a wonderful trip!

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Leaving On A Jet Plane!
The Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas
Fountains at Caesars Palace








The Mirage has a very powerful volcano with a flame so strong that you can feel it across the strip.

The Venetian Review  (This is not a sponsored post…I truly love this place!)

This is a very impressive hotel!  There is nothing like having everything you need in an absolutely gorgeous place!  The rooms are all suites.  There are 10 pools and some of the largest hot tubs I have ever seen.  There are also 42 restaurants including Carlo’s Bakery (which always had a very long line due to Carlo being a TV chef)!  I’m not sure it was worth the wait but to each their own.







There is a lot to do in Las Vegas and one of the most popular things are the gondola rides at The Venetian.

You can choose indoor or outdoor.  Being that we visited in July we opted for indoor.  It was so beautiful and the singing gondoliers made it seem so authentic.  I would love to do an outdoor ride…maybe at night…on our next trip (which will NOT be in July).






The Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

The conservatory has a new exhibit for the summer and it is called “Under The Sea.”  It is made up of almost 600 shrubs and 6,000 fresh flowers per week!  It is absolutely gorgeous and so impressive!

Bellagio Sandcastle
Red carnations and yellow Fuji mums sea turtle
Treasure chest
Coral on a rock formation
Seal playing with a beach ball
Beautiful flower mermaid








The Wynn Lobby

These people and their talent with flowers never cease to amaze me!  It is incredible how many beautiful things that they can do with these displays.










The Entertaining Side of Las Vegas

Walking the streets of Las Vegas is people watching at it’s finest.  I have seen a lot of things but women on a sidewalk covered in duct tape was never one of them until now!  I thought it would be rude to take a picture so you’ll have to settle for these!

My husband with a Marilyn Monroe look-a-like…sort of…she tried at least!
Remember how hot I said it was here. Well the -5 Lounge was the high light of a July day walking the strip!









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