Most Popular Toys For Christmas 2017

I got a call on Friday morning that went something like this: “I’ve seen you’re gift idea lists.  I sure wish you’d make one for kids toys so I could stop searching for things and just go to your list and buy stuff”!  After much research, I realized that I wish I had these toys when I was little!  Here is a list of the hottest toys for 2017!  I hope this list takes a little bit of the stress out of your holiday shopping!

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2017 Hottest Christmas Toys2017’s Hottest Toys for Christmas

1.  Fingerlings – Interactive Baby Monkey

I had never heard of these but they are absolutely precious!  I can see why children everywhere are loving these little things.  They are interactive baby monkeys that know when they are being petted and hung upside down!  They swing by their tails, talk in monkey babble, and blow kisses!  Who wouldn’t be amused by that?  My 13 year old actually wants one after seeing me write about them!  Collect them all!  Age: 5+

While you’re at it, you should definitely get them this to go with their Fingerling! Monkeys just aren’t the same without something to swing from!  They need this Swing Gym Playset!

2.  Hatchimals

These are speckled eggs that hatch twins with your child’s help!  They need to be held, rubbed and loved until they hatch.  These Hatchimals will share a special bond with each other by telling jokes, playing games, and saying “I love you”!  They even get sad if they are apart for too long!  Collect them all!  Age: 5+

They would also love this Hatchimals Nursery Playset to keep them entertained!

3.  Luvabella Baby Doll

This is the latest and greatest interactive baby doll on the market today!  She has real life facial expressions and movements.  The more you play with her, the more she learns.  She is programmed to learn over 100 words and complete phrases!  She also comes with interactive accessories like a spoon, bottle, and pacifiers. She does require 4 C batteries that are not included but can be purchased here.  Age: 4+

This interactive baby also comes in a Luvabeau version!

4.  Soggy Doggy Board Game

I love to include board games in our daughter’s Christmas gifts because it is something we can do as a family!  You can check out a whole list dedicated to board games here!  This is one of the most popular ones this season!  Age: 4+

5.  Fisher-Price Think & Learn Teach ‘N Tag Movi

I love the idea of this toy!  This comes with 6 different games to play that teach Critical Thinking, Movement & Motions, and Following Directions.  It has 360 degrees mobility and 60 different faces!  Age: 3+

6.  Teddy Ruxpin (New and Improved)

I love the idea of giving a gift to a child that has some sort of nostalgia!  They’ll never quite understand unless you saved your old Teddy Ruxpin (but it makes me feel good)!  This one has LCD eyes and a mouth that syncs to his speech.  He also comes with an app for reading and singing along!  Age: 2+

7.  L.O.L. Surprise! Big Surprise

This includes 50 surprises for your little one to discover upon opening!  Age: 6+

There is also a smaller version of L.O.L. Surprise that is less expensive!

8.  furReal Roarin’ Tyler, the Playful Tiger

He responds to sounds as well as has his own 100+ sound and motion combinations.  He also reacts to his squeaky toy!  How cute is that?  He does require 4 C batteries that are not included but you can get them here.  Age: 4+

9.  BB-9E App-Enabled Droid with Droid Trainer by Sphero

You can control this with your phone and see it roll just like on screen.  Explore holographic environments and immerse yourself in the Star Wars galaxy.

10.  Nintendo Switch

This Nintendo sits in the console to be played on your home television or you can lift it from the dock and take it with you to play games on the go!

11.  Project Mc2 Pixel Purse Toy Light

This comes with 10 pre-programmed animations so you can play with it right out of the box.  Download the app and connect your smart device to customize the on screen display!  Age: 7+

12.  Pikmi Pops Collectibles

These are 7″ of sweet scented cuteness squished into a ball!  Be sure to check the hidden pockets for more surprises!  There are 3 jumbo Pikmi’s (Dog, Bunny, and Cat) to collect!  Age: 5+

13.  Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio

Bring your child’s Play-Doh creations to life in a virtual world!  Shape them, scan them into the app and watch them come alive!  Age: 3+

14.  Oonies Mega Starter Pack

Inflate, Stick, and Create!  Just put pallet in the inflator and watch them grow.  They stick to themselves so your child never has to get out the glue.  Age: 3+

15.  Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

Complete kit that comes with everything a kid needs to create and control their own droid.  With the Droid Inventor app they can teach it new skills and send it on missions!  This is an award winning toy that they can reconfigure and continue to play with for years!  Age: 8+

16.  Star Wars The Black Series First Order Storm Trooper with Gear

Includes the figure and 8 accessories.  Age: 4+

17. Fisher Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle

The more they pedal, the more they learn!  This bike is equipped with bluetooth technology.  Download the Smart Cycle Mission to Tech City to give your child an interactive adventure while he rides!  Age: 3+

18. Lego Boost Creative Toolbox Building and Coding Kit

Build one of five robots and control them with coding blocks from a tablet.  Includes a Lego Move Hub, interactive motor, and Color & Distance Sensor.  Age: 7+

19.  Barbie Dreamhouse

This is the new and improved Barbie Dreamhouse with “Smart” features for lights, sound and motion!  It also has a more modern design.

20. Nerf N-Strike Elite Terrascout

This is an all-terrain dart-blasting remote controlled drone!  It has a live video feed and records.  The controller requires 4 AA batteries that are not included but you can buy them here.

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