Our Ultimate Bedroom Makeover

The Bedroom Makeover That I Had Been Planning For 5 Years!

Bedroom MakeoverWe bought our new home in July of 2012!

We loved the area, the neighborhood, and most of the house.

As soon as I walked into the bedroom, my mood changed!

It was the worst color of beige I have ever seen.

My plan was to start on this as soon as we closed on the house but you know how that goes!  It seemed like we were handed the keys and it was time to move in the furniture.  After the furniture was in it became a hassle that I didn’t have time for.  Fast forward five years and I was fed up with this room.  We decided to sell all of the furniture (seemed easier than moving it out and back in) and start over!

Let me just say that all of my projects end up being craft projects because I can never find anything exactly the way I want it!  The color or something is always wrong!


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Case In Point:  I could not find a liquor cabinet that would fit in the space I needed so I had to repurpose an old desk hutch.

Or I couldn’t find a mirrored sideboard that was tall enough so I bought one with glass windows that I had to remove and cover with mirror paint.

Anyway…back to the bedroom…

Before Pics

The first step was to choose a new color and I wanted gray so this was going to be easy, right?  Wrong!

We agonized over this decision because one gray may look darker when it dries or the other may be lighter than I had originally hoped for.  We ended up painting 3 walls with 3 different colors and praying that we fell in love with one of them!  We decided on Sherwin Williams Pewter Cast.  It was not a “fell in love” situation but a “we can’t keep going back and forth or the room will never get painted” situation!

Turns out it was the right decision!  We love the color!

After painting came the new furniture!  That was so exciting as we bought our previous bedroom suit while I waas pregnant 13 years ago!  We decided on the Belmar set at Rooms To Go and are so pleased with that decision!

Then the decorating began.  This quickly becomes my favorite and least favorite part.  I love decorating and crafting but it seems like every time I take on a project it becomes a full blown crafting event.  Let’s start with my mason jars…

Quart size mason jars  (I bought this 12pk on Amazon because I craft all the time but you only need 5)
Rusto-Oleum Primer spray paint
5 small bottles of acrylic paint  (I used Americana Warm White, Americana Spa Blue, Americana Aqua Sky, Americana Peacock Teal and Anita’s Deep Blue Sea)
Paint brushes (which you may already have but if not I love these and they are under $6!)
I also bought a wall shelf to display my pretty little jars on!

All you have to do is spray paint the jars with the primer.  Let them sit untouched for a couple of hours and spray them again.  Once you are sure they are completely dry you can start adding color to them.  I had to put several coats on them to get the finished look (without brush strokes) that I wanted.

As soon as I was finished with this project I started the next one!  I wanted a plaque for the wall that said “You are my bucket list” but I couldn’t find one I liked at all, much less one that matched my color scheme.  So my next shopping list included a wooden plaque, blush paint and stencils to make this cute little creation!

Next was to include one of my favorite photos from our wedding.  I wanted a black and white canvas so I uploaded a wedding photo and ordered a 16×20 through Easy Canvas Prints.  The canvas was beautiful and very high quality.  The contrast of the black and white was great.  They are offering my readers 85% off all canvas prints right now!  These make great gifts as well as home décor so click the banner below!

Next Project: Barn Door

I have wanted a barn door since they became “the thing to have” inside your home.  Lucky for me, my hubby is almost as crafty as I am!  After a few trips to Home Depot and ordering barn door hardware from Amazon we were ready to get started.  I could not find the hardware I needed in a store anywhere…maybe you’ll have better luck but if not check out the ones that we used from Amazon.

We finally have the bedroom I have always wanted!

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