Monthly Calendar Coloring Pages

Calendar Coloring Pages

Free Calendar Coloring Pages

Relieve stress and keep up with your calendar all in one pretty page!  The coloring page is made with adults in mind with intricate patterns and beautiful designs.   Use them to help you wind down or give them to your children to help occupy their time!

How to choose the right printer and paper for your coloring pages

Laser printer vs. Inkjet printer

Inkjet printers use wet ink so it is important to let the coloring page dry for at least 30 minutes before attempting to color.  I have the Epson Workforce Inkjet printer and love the quality of the prints.  It is crucial that you do have any moisture on your hands (water, lotion, etc.) or the lines could smudge.

Laser printers use dry ink so there is no waiting for the page to dry.  Also, there is no smudging if you color outside of the lines with a marker!  I use the Brother HL-2270DW laser printer for all of my planner pages because it offers duplex printing.  It also does incredibly well with my coloring pages!  My daughter likes to use it to print her own word searches because it doesn’t smear when she uses a highlighter.

There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong type of printer to use…just facts that you need to consider when deciding!

Free December 2018 Calendar Coloring Page

Printer paper for coloring pages

The main factor to consider when choosing paper is what medium you will be coloring with.  For instance, markers need a better paper quality than crayons because they can bleed.

Coloring just for fun?

This Xerox Premier Copier Paper that is ideal for daily use.  It works perfectly with either type of printer and is great for colored pencils and crayons but not recommended for markers.

Want to keep your artwork a little longer?

My paper of choice is Neenah Bright White Cardstock 65lb because it is durable and affordable.  I am also able to use this cardstock in both of my printers which it makes it a sensible option.  If you’re a little rough with your coloring pages then this is a great starting point!  This paper is great for all dry mediums and can even be used with markers if you aren’t looking for amazing results.   Try not to use alcohol-based markers as they are more likely to bleed.

Looking for paper that can be used with a little wetness?

If you want to use mediums like gel pens and watercolor pencils (conservatively, of course) then Exact Index 110lb cardstock is perfect for you!  This paper is heavier but still prints well in most printers that use a flat feed.

Want to use markers and be able to frame your work?

Alcohol based markers are my favorite because of the vibrant colors they provide.  Prismacolor markers are my go-to for coloring pages that call for bright beautiful colors.  When using them though you need a very durable non-coated cardstock that is smooth to prevent bleeding.  My first choice is Neenah 110lb Classic Crest Cardstock.  I also use this for handmade cards because of the superior print quality that it provides.

Coloring Pages Printer Paper

For important pieces you could also order colored cardstock to make them extra special!

You can also find the entire 2019 version of this calendar here!

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