How To Live It Up (or not) On Jekyll Island!

I read about Jekyll Island years ago and then waited several more years to plan the trip because we always seem so busy.  I now regret that because it was a much needed break.  I continued to read up on things to do and decided that this was going to be a relaxing vacation for us (for a change)!  Don’t get me wrong, there are things to do but nowhere near as many as there are in the touristy places that we are use to.  This is a quiet island on the southern coast of Georgia in an area called Golden Isles.  It has a rich history (literally) which usually does not intrigue me at all.  This however fascinated me.

The Jekyll Island Club was born in the late 1800’s as an exclusive hunting club for the wealthy and was classified as “the richest, most inaccessible club in the world.”  It became the most exclusive resort in the nation.  Names like Rockefeller, Macy, Vanderbilt, Goodyear, and Morgan signed the registry and later built residences that still remain there today.  If you get a chance to visit I highly recommend taking a horse drawn carriage tour with Three Oaks Farm.  Our guide was very knowledgeable about the history of the island and the houses that still remain.  Below are images of some the famous structures that are still standing today.

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There are probably fewer options for accommodations than anywhere I have ever been before.  We chose the Holiday Inn Resort and were very happy with it.  It had gorgeous views of the sunrise and beautiful skies as the sun set.  Our only real complaint was that there was no continental breakfast.  We are a foodie family and we prefer to spend our money on lunch and dinner.  We also prefer to not be rushing out in the morning just to find food.  There is a restaurant next door called the Beach House but we were not impressed with their breakfast and it was fairly expensive for what it was.  Other than that it really was perfect for us!

View from the balcony at the hotel bar.  This picture was taken in the afternoon and the lack of people shows the experience of our whole trip.  It was such a relaxing atmosphere without the hustle and bustle of a tourist trap town.


Driftwood Beach

One of the highlights of this trip for me was Driftwood Beach.  This beach is on the north end of the island and caused by erosion.  It is consistently voted one of America’s “Ten Most Romantic Beaches.”  I’m not sure dead trees scream “romance” to me but it is a beautiful sight none the less!  It is a very popular beach for weddings and photo shoots.

Dolphin Tour

The dolphin tour was Haylee’s favorite part of the whole trip.  She spent the whole 90 minutes standing at the front or side of the boat waiting for the next one to jump out of the water!  It was great seeing her so excited.  I highly recommend Dolphin Tours of Jekyll Island.  The captains were great with the kids and had several spots to look for the dolphins.  On the creeks where we didn’t see any dolphins there were plenty of unusual birds flying around to see.

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