Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Teenage Girls

One of my favorite things to do is buy people gifts but one of my least favorite things to do is decide what to buy them!  I’ve decided to put together a list that will make your holiday season a little less stressful.  This list for teenage girls was one of the easier ones for me to create because I have a teenage girl and there is no shortage of “I want”, “I need”, or “You know what you can get me”!  These are in no particular…they’re just great ideas!  Happy Shopping!

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1.  Fujifilm Instax Camera 9

This camera is perfect for teenage girls!  It comes in 5 colors: Flamingo Pink (pictured below), Ice Blue, Lime Green, Cobalt Blue, and Smoky White.  It also features a selfie mirror (we all know how important those are these days) to make sure she lines up the perfect shot!  This newest version also includes a close-up lens adapter for macro photos.  This camera provides instant gratification and is sure to be a hit with your teenage daughter (or any age, really)!  These cameras are around $60.00 or less depending on the color you choose!

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There is also an option to buy a kit that comes with film, color lenses, camera case, frames, and several other neat accessories!







Get Your Fujifilm Instax Kit Now!

2.  Lavany Facial & Body Cleansing Brush

This is actually a personal favorite of ours right now!  It is a waterproof and has 6 detachable heads.  The pumice is great for getting the dead skin off of your feet while the soft bristle brush is great for removing all of the make-up residue and getting oil out of your pores.  Best of all it is under $25.00!

Get Your Lavany Facial Brush Now!

3.  Wireless Cat Ear Headphones (that change colors!)

I really underestimated the popularity of these cat ear headphones when they were first released!  This pair made by Brookstone has great reviews and is more affordable than most I have seen at under $110.00!

Get Your Wireless Cat Ear Headphones Now!

4. Julep Beauty Box Subscription

We have recently fallen in love with subscription boxes in our house!  They are literally the gift that keeps on giving!  I truly believe most teenage girls would love nothing more than for new makeup to be delivered to their doorstep regularly!  Julep is a customizable beauty box subscription.  You answer a few fun questions and then sign up to receive your box.  If you don’t want to answer the questions for your daughter you can purchase the gift subscription for her and they will email her instructions with how to redeem it.  My favorite part of this one is if you aren’t liking the options offered that month you can choose to skip it and save that box for a future month when they are offering things you are more excited about!

Gift of Julep Beauty Box

Get Your Julep Beauty Box Subscription Now!

5. Sequin Pillow

Sequin pillows are all the rage right now, apparently!  It is the first thing my daughter looks for in Kirkland’s!  You rub the sequins in different directions to show different colors so the drawing possibilities are endless (and on a pillow!)

Get Your Sequin Pillow Now!

6.  KIPOZI Pro Flat Iron with Titanium Plate

Hair products are always popular with girls and this one is actually on my daughter’s list simply because I am tired of mine “going missing”!  This is a 5 star product at a price of less than $40.00!

Get Your KIPOZI Hair Straightener Now!

7.  Create 365 Planner

I love these even as an adult!  The options for these planners are endless!  There are inserts such as pocket folders, fitness planner, half sheet note pads, sticker sets, and so much more!  For us adults there are home planners, home finance kits, as well as half sheets for weekly menus and grocery lists!  Like I said, the possibilities are endless with these planners!

Get Your Create 365 Planner Now!

8.  Auxiwa Clip on Selfie Ring Light

Make sure your daughter gets the perfect lighting for her selfies every time!  This is a rechargeable clip on light with 3 brightness levels and 36 long lasting LED lights.  It is also lightweight and easy for her to carry with her in her purse wherever she goes!

Get Your Auxiwa Clip on Selfie Ring Light Now!

9.  Starbucks Power Bank

Most kids these days drain their phone batteries before they even get home from school so the power bank is a perfect gift!  What could be better for a teenager that a Starbucks themed one?  This is absolutely precious!

Get Your Starbucks Power Bank Now!

10.  Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)

The new and improved Amazon Echo is a top contender in the gift idea list this year.  This comes in at $99.99 or $20.00/month for 5 months at  I love streaming music and the fact that she can be set up to control smart devices in the house!  She can also act as an alarm clock for your teenager since old fashioned alarm clocks are basically extinct!

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I highly recommend signing up for the Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial.  It can be a huge money saver (and life saver if you’re a procrastinator) during the holidays!  Sign up by clicking the link below.

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