Gift Ideas for Coworkers

For a lot of people work becomes your home away from home. You spend at least as much time there every day as you do sleeping in your own bed every night.

Your coworkers become your family away from family.  You spend years working through all kinds of situations together.  It makes sense that you want to buy them a thoughtful gift at Christmas time.

But, what in the world should that gift be?

We have some great ideas for everyone on your list!

Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Gift Ideas for Coworkers

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Gift ideas for the health conscience:

Under Desk Pedal Exerciser


This folding pedal exerciser is great for the person who wants to go for a walk on their lunch break but never has time.  It folds so it stores easily and it includes a digital display so they can see how many calories they’ve burned!


Smart Water Bottle

This smart water bottle is so cool it would really make a great gift for anyone but the health conscience are sure to appreciate it’s special capabilities!  The stainless steel water bottle includes an LCD touch screen that shows the water temperature as well a reminder to drink…just in case you forget!


Gift ideas for the girl boss:

Kate Spade’s Whistle While You Work Tackle Box

The Kate Spade New York Women’s Whistle While You Work Tackle Box includes pencils, paper clips, washi tape, notepad and more.  If she loves planners and accessories, then this is her dream tackle box!


Kate Spade Let’s Do Lunch Business Card Holder

A Kate Spade silver plated business card holder etched with a 3 word lunch invite is the perfect accessory for a busy career girl on her way up the ladder!


Notes to Self Complimentary Pens

Who wouldn’t want a pen that says they are ridiculously good looking???


Girl Boss Planner

3 year monthly planner with motivational quotes because a little encouragement never hurt anyone.


Gift ideas for the food lover:

Do you have a coworker that is always snacking at their desk?  What about someone who always has a cup of tea on their desk?  These ideas are perfect for them!

Lindt LINDOR Holiday Deluxe Sampler

I can’t think of one single person that doesn’t like chocolate so a sampler pack full of different flavors is sure to go over well with your coworker!


Leilalove Macarons

This set of french macarons comes with 10 different flavors so their is plenty of opportunity to sample flavors while snacking behind the computer!


Silicone Tea Infuser

Silicone Tea Infuser






These cozy mittens are perfect for your female coworker who loves tea.

Silicone Tea Infuser








If you’re looking for something a little less girly then the scuba diver is too cute!


Cordless Desktop Crumb Sweeper

The messy eater is sure to appreciate this battery operated miniature vacuum cleaner for their desk!

Gift ideas for the office partier:

Carry On Cocktail Kit

The partying coworker who is always flying off to their next meeting may love to have a cocktail kit available mid flight!  These compact kits are available in Italian Spritz, Moscow Mule, The Old Fashioned, Margarita and Gin and Tonic.


The Cocktail Canteen

If your partying coworker often travels for long periods of time then this is the perfect gift that they can throw in their luggage and use in their own hotel room!  They will love you for saving them from spending a ton of money at the hotel bar!


The Bangle Flask

Umm…just because it is a unique and novel gift idea!  Who doesn’t want their favorite alcohol wrapped around their arm?!?


Sugarfina Corona Light Beer Gummies

Sugarfina Corona Light Beer Gummies








A partnership between Sugarfina and Corona has resulted in beer flavored gummies!


The Art of the Bar Cart: Styling & Recipes

This book is a great gift for the more sophisticated lover of alcohol!


Gift ideas for male coworkers:

Ballpoint Pen with Ruler

Coworkers will always need pens and these with rulers will come in handy for men on the job.


Rugged Power Bank

For the man who is always asking to borrow your charger or just ignores you because his phone died!


F Bomb Paperweight

Perfect gift for the office mate that loves the F-bomb!

Decision Maker Paperweight

Everyone knows someone that just can’t make up their mind…this is for them!


Gift ideas every type of coworker can appreciate:

PhoneSoap Cell Phone Sanitizer

Sanitize your phone while it charges…yes, please!


Wooden Foot Massager and Roller

Ahhh…the perfect under desk gift!


Haters Coffee Mug

Everyone can use another coffee mug right?


If you know of any other awesome coworker gift ideas that should be added let me know!

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