Free Stock Photos That Don’t Suck!

There are so many free stock photo websites that allow commercial use and are perfect for bloggers who are just starting out.  Literally, so many that it is frustrating at times!

You search “free stock photos” on Pinterest and come up with at least 20 blog posts telling you where to go to find the perfect image for your brand new blog post.  I know the drill…I’ve done it.  Too many times!

I use to get so mad when one of those posts sent me to a stock photo site with less than 20 photos available.  Yes, they are stock photos and yes, they are free.

You know what else they are…a complete waste of my time! 

When you first start blogging you do not have time to waste.

Free Stock Photo Sites

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The sole purpose of this post is to share the free stock photo sites that don’t suck! If I can’t find the picture I need on one of these websites I give up and head over to Depositphotos to buy what I need or I take my own.

I ordered this lighting kit, some foam boards and this beautiful pink fuzzy blanket for backgrounds.  Click the links to check the current pricing on Amazon!  Then I ordered some props like paper clips, journals, and silk flowers and set up my own little studio!  You should look for seasonal props at Dollar Tree!

Tip: My posts that have pictures that I created or ones that I paid for almost always perform better than the ones with free photos.  I’m not saying go spend money because I certainly look for free ones first.  I’m just saying it’s pretty coincidental.  There are big bloggers who swear that free stock photos that are being used by others as well hurt their search rankings.

For now, I’m sticking with free photos…

Websites With Free Stock Photos That Don’t Suck

The first 8 website are filled with over 1 million free stock photos that are perfect for lifestyle bloggers!

1. Pixabay

2. Pexels

3. Unsplash

4. Picjumbo

5. Splitshire

6. Life of Pix

7. ImageBuffer

8. Skitterphoto

These last 3 websites are a little more specialized but still just as great!

9. Gratisography

This site is full of artsy and quirky photos like the ones below that I haven’t seen on other sites!  It’s perfect for making your blog images stand out in the crowd!

Free Stock Photo WebsiteFree Stock Photos






10. Scatter Jar

Loaded with stock photos for food bloggers like these!

Food Blog Free Stock PhotoFree Food Blog Stock Photos






11. Foodies Feed

Over 900 seriously beautiful stock photos of food and beverages!  This is the perfect stock photography website for food bloggers!

Juicy Burger Free Stock PhotoFree Stock Photos for Food Bloggers






If you have found any other incredible websites for free stock photos please let me know in the comments below!  I would love to add them to the list!


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