Where To Find Free Blogging Resources

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As I’m sure you already know blogging has become a very popular way to make money online.  No doubt, because it is super cheap to get started!  Literally, one of the very lowest startup costs for a business that I have ever seen at only $3.95/month!

There are a ton of incredible resources out there like Blog By Number from Suzi Whitford of Start A Mom Blog that basically takes your hand and guides you through the entire blogging journey or Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner from Making Sense of Cents.

So, what do you do if you have no money for these type of courses?

Lucky for you, there are some amazing bloggers out there who have been right where you are now and genuinely want to help you!

Where to Find Free Blogging Resources


When I first started blogging I didn’t have money to waste!  Fortunately, no one made me feel like I had to spend a small fortune to figure out what I was doing.  I researched free resources on Pinterest and Google  and the ones listed below are the ones that I thought had the most value.

I’m sure there are so many more out there that are great but I’ve personally used these.  I prefer to only recommend things I have actually used and found helpful in furthering my business!

The free resources below helped me start making money so I could afford to take paid courses that were a little more in depth like Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and Blog By Number.  I firmly believe in reinvesting your earnings into education so your business can scale more quickly but if you don’t have it in

the beginning, no one is going to fault you.  We all had to start somewhere.  Take these resources and do as much as you can…the most important part of blogging is to actually start!

This post may contain affiliate links.  See our full disclosure policy here.

Where to Find Free Blogging Resources

Let me just say that I really admire all of the bloggers that are willing to put together free resources to help others out!  The longer I blog, the more I see that it really is all about community and lifting one another up!  There’s not many businesses out there that can honestly say that!

How to Start Your Own Blog

1. The Blog Plan

If you are thinking of starting a mom blog while raising little ones then Suzi from Start A Mom Blog is your go-to blogger!  She designed the 12 Month Blog Plan with you in mind to help you grow your blog into a  business with the potential to bring in thousands of dollars per month!

Printable Blog Planner

2. Launch a Blog that Thrives

Abby Lawson from Just a Girl and Her Blog (btw, I love that name!) is one of my favorite bloggers for organization and printables!  I despise clutter so when she created The Paperless Home, I think I fell in love!  She has also mastered blogging and generously created a course that teaches you essential blogging principles that will help your blog stand out among the crowd!  I think this is essential in today’s blogging world!

Launch a blog that thrives

3.  The Complete Blog Post Planner & SEO Checklist

Having a plan when blogging is crucial and Brandi at Family Felicity has put together this monthly printable calendar to help you strategically create your editorial calendar.  It also includes a simple to understand search engine optimization checklist to help you maximize your organic traffic from search engines!

Printable Blog Post Planner and SEO Checklist

How to Increase Blog Traffic

4. 101 Website Traffic Ideas

Monica Froese from Redefining Mom is a wife and mom who got tired of corporate America and decided it was time to work for herself!  It turned out to be a great decision and now she is helping others!  She put together this awesome list of 101 ideas for getting traffic to your website!  Never let anyone tell you that page views don’t matter (especially when you are first starting out)!

101 Website Traffic Ideas

5. 5 Types of Content that will Boost Your Blog Traffic

When Abby (Just A Girl and Her Blog) first started out she struggled with how to drive more traffic to her site.  After 4 years of blogging, she discovered 5 types of posts that consistently drive high page views and she is sharing them with you for free!

5 types of content that will boost traffic

How to Make Money Blogging

6. 7 Surefire Ways to Boost Your Blog Income Overnight

If you’re a blogger, I’m sure you’ve heard of Elite Blogging Academy founded by Ruth Soukup.  Well, good news…she created a mini ebook to help you maximize your blogging revenue!

7 Surefire Ways to Boost Your Blog Income Overnight

7. Quick-Start Guide to Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers

Tasha from Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body put together The Quick-Start Guide to Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers to explain what it is, why it is a win/win strategy for you and the brand you are promoting and how to get started with it on your blog.

Quick-Start Guide to Affiliate Marketing


Quick note:  I personally recommend Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing but it is a paid course.  You can read my review of it here if you’re interested in a course that is a little more comprehensive.


Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Review


How to Build an Email List and Start Email Marketing

8. Email Lists for Newbies

Meera Kothand is my go to resource for all things email marketing and I was so excited to find her free course!  If you are struggling to get started with email this should be your first step!

Email Lists for Newbies


Quick Note:  If you have $25 to invest in your business (or less if it’s on sale!) then you should purchase her Email Marketing Template Pack that includes 101+ subject line templates as well as templates for emails when you messed up and sent the wrong link, re-engagement for when you left your list hanging, email to ask for testimonials and more!  These are definitely money well spent!

Email Marketing Template Pack

9. Email Welcome Sequence Swipe File

If you are really struggling then Monica (Redefining Mom) has put together a swipe file that you can steal. Just fill in the blanks (and add a little bit of your own personality) and voila…you have a welcome sequence!

Email Sequence Swipe Files


How to Use Pinterest for Blogging

10. Pinterest Primer

McKinzie from Moms Make Cents has built her business around teaching women how to work for themselves.  She wants to show them to have the ability to stay home with their children while still contributing financially.  Her free Pinterest course teaches you how to correctly set up your account and use it for your blog!

Pinterest Primer

11. Pinterest Group Board Spreadsheet

I just have to say that Monica (Redefining Mom) is so awesome!  She put together a spreadsheet containing more than 780 Pinterest group boards in various niches to help you get started!

Pinterest Group Board Spreadsheet


If you have suggestions for other free resources I would love to hear them!

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