My Favorite Grocery Rebate Apps

Trust me when I say that a few grocery rebate apps really are worth the time!  I have been using grocery rebate apps for years and on average I get back about $40-$50 per month.  This takes into account that several months I misplaced or threw away my receipts before remembering to scan them and a few months where I did everything perfectly and made grocery lists based on the rebates offered!  You can definitely save more if you are more disciplined that I am.

Grocery Rebate Apps

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1.  Ibotta – Grocery shopping has never been more rewarding…literally!  Sometimes I go through the rebates and plan my list while other times I shop then hope some of what I bought has a rebate!  I could definitely get more money out of this app if I tried a little harder to remember to check it before going shopping!  Use this link to get a $10 bonus when you sign up and redeem a rebate!  They make it super easy by giving you “any brand” items!  There are also plenty of opportunities to earn extra money through bonuses, challenges, and referrals.

Link your loyalty cards to this app to make it even easier!

Payment: Paypal  or Venmo.  You can also choose to redeem for gift cards.

Cash-Out: $20 Minimum

P.S. There are also perks besides groceries but I cover that in my post on other rebate programs!

2.  Checkout 51 – This app is hit or miss for me but when it hits, it hits hard.  It allows for rebates from wholesale clubs.  I bought a 5 pack of Dove body wash and a 5 pack of Axe body wash at Sam’s a few weeks ago.  After my rebate I spent $3.28 total!  This was stuff I was going to buy anyway…why not get it for less money?  That leaves more of my money for traveling!

Payment: Check (this is my least favorite part of this app)

Cash-Out: $20 Minimum

3. mobiSave – There are very few offers on mobiSave right now.  It is unclear but they seem to be merging with Fetch Rewards which I will tell you all about next.  mobiSave is one of my preferred apps because they pay immediately after the offer is validated.

Payment: Paypal

Cash-Out: No Minimum!  Payment is deposited immediately after offer is validated.

4. Fetch Rewards – This is a new app that has proved very profitable.  The points accrue quickly.  You also have the opportunity to earn bonus points on items that are above the target price.  Enter referral code RV8EC and we’ll both receive 1,500 referral points!

Payment: Redeem for gift cards. Huge Bonus: You can redeem for Mastercard or Visa!  Those are usually not an option on apps like this.

Cash-Out: Minimum points depends on the brand of gift card that you choose and dollar amount.

Several of the other apps you see advertised on sites today are no longer working or have very low reviews. These are the ones that I know to work well and provide my family with extra funds so we can do more of what we love.  I do not promote things that I haven’t tried and believe in.  This post does contain affiliate links.  They cost you nothing and I encourage you to turn around and tell your friends about it after you sign up so you can make a little money as well!

Check out other apps that get you money back on everyday purchases (not just groceries) here!



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