Top 13 Etsy Shops for Amigurumi Patterns

Knitting and crocheting is a new found hobby and amigurumi patterns have quickly become my favorite thing to crochet!  While I have no intention of teaching you how to crochet (because I am still fairly new to this), I am always being asked by friends where I find the precious animal patterns that I use so I am doing a round up post of my favorite Etsy shops to buy patterns from.

This post contains affiliate links which means that if you make a purchase using one I could receive a commission.  This is at no cost to you.  See our full disclosure policy here.

If you’re interested in learning to crochet I highly recommend checking out Craftsy for their huge collection of online classes!

Obviously, you can find patterns other places but I believe in supporting small businesses so I tend to only buy patterns from Etsy sellers.  Check out my Amigurumi board on Pinterest for even more patterns!

Before you spend a ton of time and money on supplies let me share my secrets!

6060 is my go to store for eyes.  They have so many affordable options in different sizes and colors.

I usually buy my yarn at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby with Ebates (if you haven’t set up an Ebates account do it now…I get so much cash back from using this for my online shopping)!


Where I Find Amigurumi Patterns


1.  One and Two Company

This is my absolute favorite store! The animals look so real and they also have patterns for baby loveys (security blankets)! The pictures below are perfect examples of their cute patterns!

Ammigurumi Patterns


2.  Havva Designs

This store has some great animal patterns as well as dolls and outfits for the dolls!

Amigurumi Patterns


3.  Patchwork Moose

Perfect store for realistic sea animal patterns as well as some pretty cute land animals!

Amigurumi Patterns


4.  Sweet Oddity Art

This store has a smaller selection but the patterns they offer are so cute!

Amigurumi Pattern

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5.  Lalylala

This shop carries some of the most original patterns I have ever seen!

Amigurumi Patterns


6.  Lil Crochet Love

I love all of their cute animals but the food patterns are my favorite in this store!

Amigurumi Patterns


7.  Airali

I think this store is special because some of their patterns have accessories like floats and popcorn for when you want more than just the animal!

Amigurumi Pattern


8.  Bubbles and Bongo

These little animals look so angelic you can’t help but love them!

Amigurumi Pattern


9.  Pepika

This shop has a great selections of cute animal patterns!  The elephant in the hat and scarf is my favorite from this store!

Amigurumi Pattern


10.  My Krissie Dolls

Mama and baby animal patterns…enough said!

Amigurumi Patterns


11.  Dinegurumi

These are very detailed and intricate patterns.  I haven’t mastered them yet but they are beautiful!

Amigurumi Patterns


12.  SKatieDes

This shop has super cute animal patterns as well as embroidered eyes available to purchase!

Amigurumi Patterns


13.  Super Cute Design Shop

There are no animals in this shop but there are a ton of cute patterns to choose from!

Amigurumi Patterns


If you don’t fall in love with any of these just follow this link and start scrolling!  The are so many possibilities!

I would love to hear if there is an Etsy shop that you love to purchase amigurumi patterns from!  Just leave a comment below…maybe I’ll add it to my next round up!





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