How to Entrepreneur Like a POP Star

This is a guest post from Denise S. Murray, a contributor to niecyisms and nestlings.


Entrepreneur Like a POP Star


Make it happen. I repeat these words to myself (and my kids) countless times each and every day. This is my mantra. This is my affirmation. This is my goal. These three simple words provide the supply of empowerment necessary to maintain progress toward achieving my entrepreneurial ambitions. Okay, motivating ourselves propels us along on a zany rollercoaster ride of productivity. Buckle up, Buttercup! Anyone looking for smooth sailing into life as an entrepreneur should snuggle in with your cuddly little Bunny Foo Foo, fluff up your pillow, wiggle deep into your blankies, and blissfully dream on. Everyone else, let’s make it happen! I’m letting you in on the secret formula to show you how to entrepreneur like a POP star.


Motivating yourself to do what you know must be done is an essential foundation for goal getting. Equally important, your motivation needs to successfully translate into action. Acting on motivation requires the implementation of a three-step power combo – Plan, Organize, and Prioritize. How do you use these three steps to fuel your passion?


What’s Your Plan?


What’s my plan? To have it all! I wanna live the good life! Realistically, what does have it all mean? That’s not even possible. Time for some clarity and direction. Begin by reducing broad spectrum goals into smaller, more actionable segments. As a fan of acronyms, I make it a practice to set SMART goals for all of my projects during the planning process.


For those go-getters, ready to take on the world without planning, take caution. Heed the words of ancient meme wisdom, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” superimposed over a precious little kitty, billions of wildflowers, or the sandy shore of a beach. Avoid becoming overwhelmed by the task at hand, leading to procrastination (been there, done that) and avoiding the seemingly overwhelming challenge.


Are You Organized?


Is it possible to be organized and simultaneously a little bit messy? I’m just asking for a friend. Obsessively organizing lists, binders, calendars, and alerts, my business life is the epitome of organization, most times. I have had the occasional slip-up and lost my way. It happens! No worries, simply regroup and get back on track. Change in life is to be expected, adaptability is a valuable asset in adjusting to unexpected circumstances.


Technology has improved the ways we are able to plan and organize our lives. Productivity apps are convenient tools to utilize as we organize significant events and dates. Written records continue to prevail in my daily functioning. While writing info down allows me to better connect and commit to the project, I gotta admit using tech to keep organized has a special place in my heart.


What Takes Priority?


Moving right along, knowing what you plan to do and having it all organized, prioritizing your plan of action is the next step. Working to complete all tasks at the same time is a recipe for disaster. Not all tasks are created equally in both our professional and personal lives. Identifying and prioritizing tasks permits you to see what needs to happen first or be taken care of first and provides a visual time frame.


Determining the level of importance and urgency set the standard for completing tasks in an orderly process. Classifying tasks and events by matter of importance and urgency prioritizes simply and efficiently.


  1. Important &  Urgent
  2. Not Important &  Urgent
  3. Important & Not Urgent
  4. Not Important & Not Urgent


You will find your own tips and tricks learned as you navigate the path to managing life as an entrepreneur. Always remember, no two people will find themselves on the same path, however, very often our paths will meet and cross one another. Connect with other entrepreneurs for the give-and-take exchange of ideas and information. Remain committed to your initial plan and create accountability partners with colleagues and mentors in all stages of working to entrepreneur like a POP star.

Denise is a Freelance Writer with a background in Early Childhood Education. As Editor and Creative Director at Creative Learning Center Studios, Denise contributes to niecyisms and nestlings, a lifestyle blog, focused on the topics of green living, family life and style, parenting, education, and healthy lifestyles.


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