Dreamer to Dweller in Charleston, SC

My families favorite spot to vacation when I was a child was Charleston, SC.  It was only 3.5 hours from home so it was also a frequent vacation destination!

Pineapple Fountain Charleston, SC_


It was absolutely nothing for my parents to decide Friday morning before work that they wanted fresh seafood that weekend.  That evening we would have a late dinner at Shem Creek Bar & Grill…one of their many favorites!  Charleston has no shortage of amazing restaurants.  Another favorite in this particular area is R.B.’s Seafood Restaurant which is also right on Shem Creek.

Shem Creek Bar & Grill Charleston, SC


The Battery

My favorite part of any trip to Charleston was going to The Battery.  The area is beautiful with a large seawall walkway by the water and gorgeous antebellum homes on the other side of the street.  We would start at the top and walk all the way down to White Point Garden.  It seemed like every Saturday that we visited there was a wedding in the gazebo.  By the time the couple said I do there would be hundreds of onlookers, us included!

I always thought I may get married here because of the gorgeous setting and the excitement it brought as a child to see so many people start their lives together in a city that was considered one of the friendliest in America.

Fast forward to 2002 and my wonderful (now) husband proposed on the seawall walkway and we were married in the White Point Garden gazebo in 2003.  It was my idea of a perfect wedding…horse drawn carriage and all!

White Point Garden Gazebo Wedding


Horse Drawn Carriage

During the planning stages we did learn that there was a city ordinance that limited your wedding to 25 people including the bride, groom and officiant!  That may explain why there were so many people gathered on the lawn when I watched as a child.  We even had cousins that were just pretending to be strolling through the park at our wedding!


Angel Oak Tree

There are so many other places in Charleston that we love to visit!  The Angel Oak tree is a popular tourist destination in the Charleston area on John’s Island.  It is estimated to be 400-500 years old.  It stands over 60 feet tall and it’s longest branch is 187 feet!

Angel Oak Tree John's Island


Folly Beach Fishing Pier

Obviously, the beaches were at the top of the list too!  The Folly Beach Fishing Pier is a great place to catch some fish…or watch others catch them if fishing isn’t really your thing.  There is a covered upstairs observation deck at the end of the pier where you can watch for dolphins or eat a picnic lunch.  If you didn’t bring lunch, give Pier 101 Restaurant a try.  They have great food and cocktails!

Folly Beach Fishing Pier


The Isle of Palms was our favorite for beaches though!  We would walk up and down the beach and discuss which house we would like to live in one day.

Now we may actually be looking for real estate in Charleston!  We’ve told our daughter for years that we would most likely buy a house or condo in the city where she chose to go to college.  We are just crossing our fingers and praying she chooses College of Charleston!  It just seems logical to invest in real estate and not have to pay for a hotel every time we visit, which would probably be more often than she would prefer!

We have been looking into Charleston SC Real Estate and have found so many amazing homes!  It is almost impossible to decide between a home on the beach or a home in the heart of downtown where there are so many options for restaurants and shopping!  Maybe we should be looking near a marina because a boat is definitely on the to do list!  I’m not even sure a pros and cons list would help in such an amazing city.

Charleston Marina


What I am sure of is that if I hit the lottery anytime soon you’ll be able to find me in this house right here at 29 East Battery!

I would love to hear about your favorite parts of Charleston!  We have been countless times but it always seems that there is something new to see.

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