Bluehost Blog Set-Up Instructions

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your New Blog

All you need to do to start your own money making Bluehost blog is click my link below for Bluehost to sign up for your own self-hosted WordPress website then follow my step-by-step instructions below!  Using my link gives you access to a free domain!  Be sure to right click to open in a new window so you can still view the instructions!

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Click Here To Go To Bluehost And Begin Set-Up

Once you click on the link above you will be taken to the Bluehost home page where you should click on the green “Get Started Now” button.

Bluehost Blog

Next you will see the “Select Your Plan” screen. The “Basic” package is plenty to get started but if your budget allows I would go for the “Prime” package. The main reason I recommend this is the domain privacy. It is something you can add to the “Basic” package for .99/month but for only $1.00 more per month you get all the benefits of the “Prime” package.

Bluehost Blog

The next step is to enter your chosen domain name.  Think about what you plan to write about and try to choose a relevant name.  Many good names may be taken so be creative.  Consider using your own name if it makes sense to do so.  Try to pick something with a .com address available. Click next then enter your account information.

Bluehost Blog

Next is where you select your package. This is the next section where you should choose what your budget allows for. In the image I provided below it shows the “Basic” package selected. The only available option I would choose is Domain Privacy Protection. This hides your personal information from the WHOIS database. WHOIS is an organization that manages all data regarding domain registration. If you chose the “Prime” package then this is included. Select the term that you want…you will notice that the longer you choose the cheaper it is! I would uncheck all of the other options as these can be handled with free plugins.

Bluehost Blog

Enter payment information.

Bluehost Blog

Once you submit your payment you are officially a brand new blogger! Congratulations!

Create your password then WordPress will install onto your Bluehost website!

Once you’ve finished these steps you should check out our post on Fiverr for help with your logo design!

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