Resources and Recommendations

As bloggers, it is very easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of information out there.  We end up trying a lot of different resources and while we find some we love, we inevitably find some that are not as great.  Some of these are completely free while others have a minimal cost.  While not all of these recommendations are affiliate links there are some included because these are products that I have purchased and stand behind 100%.  

This is one of the best free resources out there for beginner bloggers.  Starting a blog while raising kids can seem daunting but Suzi breaks it down into steps that make it more manageable!  She designed the 12 Month Blog Plan with you in mind to help you grow your blog into a business with the potential to bring in thousands of dollars per month!

While we’re on the subject of how great Suzi is I wanted to share her blogging course!  These videos are great newbie bloggers who need in-depth guidance!  What makes this even better is that you also get the ebook that you can read on the go, stock images (so you aren’t using the sames photos that everyone else can find for free) and a complete workbook to help you get off to a great start!   

Having a plan when blogging is crucial and Brandi at Family Felicity has put together this monthly printable calendar to help you strategically create your editorial calendar.  It also includes a simple to understand search engine optimization checklist to help you maximize your organic traffic from search engines!

Meera Kothand is my go to person for all things pertaining to email.  It is my least favorite part of blogging and her instruction and guidance has made it less intimidating!

This email marketing template pack is worth every penny!  It includes 101+ subject line templates as well as templates for emails when you messed up and sent the wrong link, re-engagement for when you left your list hanging, email to ask for testimonials and more!

Michelle makes over $50,000 per month in affiliate marketing commissions!  That speaks for itself.  I simply can’t think of a single better person to learn from!

ConvertKit is a super simple email marketing platform that enables you to directly deliver PDF incentives to your subscribers!  Create forms or landing pages to give subscribers easy access to your list.

Canva is a great free resource for beginner bloggers and Kara’s FREE workshop is designed to teach you the basics of how to use it!  When you finish the course you should be able to create your own pins, featured images, hero images, social media images, headers and anything else you may need!

Bluchic is an incredible resource for pretty feminine WordPress blog themes!  They are very customizable and offer great customer service.