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We get a lot of questions about the tools we used to start a blog that made money in the first month of launching.  I completely understand the curiosity because I had all of the same questions!  I was completely unsure of the whole process but we jumped right in anyway and started making money almost immediately! It was very encouraging!  Don’t misunderstand…we were not making thousands of dollars a month yet but I felt great about the amount we had made!

This page is for everyone that needs help with where to begin finding the best resources to start a profitable blog.

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Blogging Resources

This post may contain affiliate links which means that if you make a purchase using one I could receive a small commission.  This is at no cost to you and sometimes gets you a better deal.  See our full disclosure policy here.

Below is a list of the blogging resources that we used to immediately start generating an income!


Bluehost:  Bluehost is one of the top web hosting companies out there and they offer great prices!  Also, you will get a free domain if you sign up through my link and purchase a one year plan!


ThemeIsle:  I recommend ThemeIsle for a couple of reasons.  They have a plan called Treasure Chest Lite and this gives you access to 30+ themes and 10+ plugins as well as access to any new themes that they begin to offer.  You also get one year of free updates and support!  These are great features for beginner bloggers because choosing one theme to purchase can be intimidating.  This way you get to try out several different options for one low price.

WordPress Themes with a bang

Restored 316:  Restored316
 is the best resource if you are a female entrepreneur that is looking for a feminine theme that is beautiful and elegant.  I have not personally used this company but know many bloggers who have and say that the support you receive is the absolute best!

Restored 316 Feminine WordPress Theme Design using the Genesis Framework

Email Service Provider

ConvertKit:  ConvertKit is by far the most recommended company that I came across when I was starting my blog.  This is the company that I use and I have absolutely loved them!  There are so many options of how to segment your subscribers and tag them so you can directly target certain readers.  I highly recommend this company.


Social Media Management

Tailwind:  One of the most powerful tools that I have found for gaining traffic to my Pinterest account, which then leads people to my blog, is Tailwind!  Pinterest favors people who pin throughout the day instead of those who go on pinning binges.  Tailwind helps you by creating an optimum pinning schedule created just for you.  All you have to do then is go in to Pinterest and start scheduling things in your Tailwind queue!  It will post them for you at the scheduled time so Pinterest sees that you are active throughout the day.  This helps gain you quality followers by placing more of your pins in other people’s Smart Feed!  Use this link to get a free month of Tailwind and see for yourself just how much it helps!

Boardbooster:  Boardbooster is the best tool for looping pins on your Pinterest account.  It re-pins your pins from oldest to newest (or however you choose to set it up) on your boards without you having to do anything!  It is only $5 per month for 500 pins and worth every penny!  Use this link to start an account and get your first 100 pins free!

SocialPilot:  If you are looking for a one-stop shop for social media marketing…look no further…Social Pilot is the program for you!  You can schedule your posts, pictures, etc. to go out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and more!  It also includes analytics that help you determine which of your efforts are paying off the most.  This can be invaluable in the early stages when you are first trying to get traffic to your blog.  It also has built in URL shortening so you don’t have to worry about using too many characters on Twitter.  Use this link to sign up for a free account today! It is perfect to get you started and you can always upgrade once you are more familiar with the platform and have more blog posts to schedule!

Image Editing

Canva:  There is a free version that offers so many options that you could use it for quite a while and be perfectly content!  I know because I did!  It does have a rather steep learning curve to be able to use it effectively though.  The downside I found to the free version of Canva is that you can not create more than 2 folders to organize your designs.  I have easily created 100 designs and haven’t been able to keep them organized at all.

PicMonkey:  PicMonkey is the editing program of choice for most bloggers.  There is a much larger selection of fonts and stock photos.  It is also much more user friendly.  This is $3.99/month if you sign up for the annual plan.  If you are going to pay for a program then make it this one.  It is a much bigger “bang for your buck” than most other options out there!

PicMonkey Photo editing made of win

Business Resources

LegalZoom:  If you are making a real business out of blogging, which I assume you are if you are still reading this, then you need to start your business now.  LegalZoom can help you with the technical aspects of filing the paperwork with your Secretary of State.

  Freshbooks is accounting software that was built with small business owners in mind.  This is an easy way to send invoices and track your income.  You will be so happy you have this program when tax time rolls around!

Design Resources

Fiverr:  I used Fiverr when I was starting out for several services.  Having a logo designed was at the top of my list because I didn’t feel like that was something I could do on my own.  I also wanted to have it copyrighted and didn’t know where to start (and still don’t)!  You look through the people, their work, their pricing and what they offer.  After you pick someone, you message them and work out the details.  It is a very easy and inexpensive way to get some great work done!

We also have a post completely about how we used Fiverr when we were getting started.  You can read that here. 


Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing:  Michelle makes over $50,000/month consistently through affiliate marketing!  When she developed Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing I quickly realized it was a course I had to take!  I highly recommend it if you’re at all interested in monetizing your blog.  It goes over everything you need to know about affiliate marketing including how to legally disclose your affiliate relationships and how to best incorporate affiliate links into your posts for maximum profitability.  This course was so beneficial in helping me earn money during my first month of blogging!

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Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing


  1. These are some really specific tips. I like that. I dont use all these things for my blog but I am a huge canva fan. and who isn’t? It just works!

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