Hi!  My name is Desiree and I’d like to welcome you to our blog!

I met my husband, Lewis Ford,
when I was just 16 years old, married him at 20 and haven’t looked back.  We celebrated our 14th anniversary on August 23rd of this year.  Our daughter, Haylee, just started 8th grade.

My husband started as an employee in a small business when he was only 16 and he loved it.  He worked hard and moved up in the company.  Fast forward 15 years and we bought that small business!  He handles operations and I do all of our bookkeeping.  I am great with numbers and budgeting and love our business but my passion has always been elsewhere.  Our business has given us the opportunity to see some beautiful places but now it’s time to broaden our horizons and pursue some other dreams.  Introducing…A Binge Worthy Life!

If you love travel, photography, food and the occasional drink then you will love this blog!  There is nothing I like better than vacations!  It doesn’t matter if it is a long weekend road trip or a flight across country.  I just love to see and experience new things.  I’m also a little OCD so I will know all of the best places to see and things to do before I get there!  I will have our days planned out to fit in as much as we can while avoiding the busiest times if possible.  I’ll even try to help you out if you have questions about a trip you’re taking…that’s how much I love it!  I also love finding new ways to make or save money to support my travel addiction!

I always try to find things especially for my husband so he doesn’t get tired of me asking him if we can start planning our next trip!  If there is a craft beer brewery around we are going!  If there is a distillery or cigar bar we are there (if it’s a kid free trip)!  He is looking forward to reviewing some of these places for those who enjoy that type of thing!

Haylee is an incredibly sweet, fun loving kid with an amazing sense of humor!  Her favorite activities right now are writing parodies of songs and making movie trailers.  I think she’ll really come in handy with the video portion of this blog.  She is definitely the least shy of all of us!

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