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I started this blog in the hopes of making money without having to go into a job I hate everyday.  While I am not making thousands of dollars a month yet, I did make money in my first month and its grown a little more each month after that.

Never let anyone tell you that blogging is not hard.  When you read those websites…run!  To have a profitable blog is hard work but it is worth every minute of it!  I work when I want to from where I want to.  Last week, it was from Panama City Beach, FL!  Today it is on my couch in front of the TV while my husband and daughter watch a movie beside me.

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My husband and I own a small business with about 35 employees (on a good day)!  It fluctuates as we live in an area with high job demand.  We purchased our business 7 years ago and it has drastically improved our lifestyle.  What it has not given us is as much freedom as I have always wanted to be able to travel more.  It was always our goal to be self-employed so when we saw an opportunity we took it.  We enjoy what we do (for the most part); however any business, in which you have employees, means you have problems.  It is just the nature of the beast.  Luckily my hubby handles the employees along with the operations and I take care of the accounting and administration tasks.

My passion has always been with travel and photography.  Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted to see more, do more, and capture it all!  I started reading several travel and lifestyle blogs and saw some of the amazing places that these people have been and things that they have done.  Blogging has afforded them these opportunities so I decided to start one and blog about some of our trips.  As I started writing about some of our trips I realized that there are several ways that I have saved or made extra travel money over the years so the blog topics expanded a little.  I think everyone should have the opportunity to travel more…they say it builds character!

It’s time to take charge and start your own money making blog!

Now for the most important part…we can help you!  I have read so many (probably too many) blogs and researched every tip I found. I am the type to research things to death before making my decision. This may slow me down but I never have to doubt my decision. I have come across many things throughout the process and thought “I sure wish someone had told me that.”  As I started setting up my blog and getting further into this venture I realized that many of these bloggers have probably never ran a business before and that is why they left out what I felt were crucial details.  If you want your blog to make money it needs to be treated as a real business.  These are things I can help you with because I’ve already done this (multiple times)!  If you just want to blog as a hobby (which I don’t personally recommend because this has been a lot of work!) don’t bother with setting up a real business.  You can always turn it into a business later.  My email course will explain why I don’t recommend this.  You can sign up in the box below!

There are several other little things I have learned along the way that I never read in any of the “Start a Blog” pages that I combed through (and there were many)!  Things like disclosure and privacy policy guidelines.  All of this and so much more is covered in our “Binge Worthy Blogging Boot Camp”!

This post contains affiliate links.  Let me assure you that I will only recommend things I use and love.  A lot of companies offer affiliate programs so it’s possible to make a small commission from almost anyone.  I choose to recommend the ones I found (through trial and error) and love so you don’t have to work so hard!  For more information, see our disclosure policy here.

All you need to do is click my link below for Bluehost to sign up for your own self-hosted WordPress website then follow my step-by-step instructions below!  Using my link gives you access to a free domain!  Right click to open in a new window so you can still view the instructions!

Once you click on the link above you will be taken to the Bluehost home page where you should click on the green “Get Started Now” button.

Next you will see the “Select Your Plan” screen. The “Basic” package is plenty to get started but if your budget allows I would go for the “Prime” package. The main reason I recommend this is the domain privacy. It is something you can add to the “Basic” package for .99/month but for only $1.00 more per month you get all the benefits of the “Prime” package.

The next step is to enter your chosen domain name.  Think about what you plan to write about and try to choose a relevant name.  Many good names may be taken so be creative.  Consider using your own name if it makes sense to do so.  Try to pick something with a .com address available. Click next then enter your account information.

Next is where you select your package. This is the next section where you should choose what your budget allows for. In the image I provided below it shows the “Basic” package selected. The only available option I would choose is Domain Privacy Protection. This hides your personal information from the WHOIS database. WHOIS is an organization that manages all data regarding domain registration. If you chose the “Prime” package then this is included. Select the term that you want…you will notice that the longer you choose the cheaper it is! I would uncheck all of the other options as these can be handled with free plugins.

Enter payment information.

Once you submit your payment you are officially a brand new blogger! Congratulations!

Create your password then WordPress will install onto your Bluehost website!

For more help getting started sign up for our Binge Worthy Blogging Boot Camp!

Once you’ve finished these steps you should check out our post on Fiverr for help with your logo design!

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  1. You caught me with the first sentence! Every day I have to go into a job I dread waking up for, and all I think about when I wake up is blogging and making enough money with it to leave my job. I like how you made this guide really simple to follow. And I think Bluehost are a really good, affordable hosting provider for beginner bloggers.

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