Top 5 Gifts for a White Elephant Gift Exchange

The White Elephant Gift Exchange is one of my favorite Christmas party events!

It is the only gift exchange (other than traditional) that I actually enjoy spending my hard earned money on!

I enjoy finding a gift that people like so much that they decide they should “steal” it from one another!

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White Elephant Gift Exchange

I’ve seen several adaptations of this game but the general rules of the White Elephant Gift Exchange are very basic and entertaining!

1.  Each guest (that wants to participate in the gift exchange) brings one wrapped gift to contribute to the gift pool.  The host may give you direction on what type of gift to bring.  They may also give you a price limit.  Make sure to follow the rules.

2.  The host will take a sheet of paper and cut squares numbering each piece starting with the number one and going through the number of guests playing.  The numbers then go into a hat to be drawn out by each guest.  The number they draw determines the order in which they will choose a gift from the pile.

You could also purchase this precious White Elephant Gift Exchange Card Set!

3.  Everyone gathers round the gifts and makes sure they get a spot where they can see what everyone is opening.

4.  The person who drew number one chooses a gift and opens it.

5.  The next player either chooses an unwrapped gift from the pile or they can choose to steal from anyone who has opened a gift that they want.  If someone’s gift is stolen, they then get to pick a new gift or steal someone else’s.

6. Once everyone has taken their turn and has a gift then player number one gets a final turn.  They can choose to steal any gift that isn’t frozen.

This can go on indefinitely without these rules:

Each gift can only be stolen once per turn!

Each gift can only be stolen 3 times total.  After this it is considered “frozen”.

Now on to the gift ideas…

Here is a list of the best gifts I have ever given or seen given at a White Elephant Gift Exchange that got a great reaction out of the crowd!  Just for fun let’s count down because number one is by far the best…we should save it for last!

5.  Marvis Wonders of the World Toothpaste Set

These are more popular than I ever imagined they would be!  They come in a very nice package and they taste delicious!  People love this stuff!

4.  Cards Against Humanity

This is an insanely popular game that can be played at the party after it is gifted!

3.  Kama Pootra: 52 Mind-Blowing Ways to Poop

Are you always surrounded by the group of people that think everything is funny?  Even when it really shouldn’t be?  If so, this is sure to be a hit!  Who knew there were so many ways to make you poop easier?

2.  The Carry On Cocktail Kit

This is perfect for the business man/woman who is always on the go!  It is also great for people who love to travel and have to take their children on flights!

Are y’all ready for number one?  This item is one of the reasons we strongly encourage enforcing the rule that something can only be stolen 3 times!

Drum roll please…

1.  Lottery Tickets

This is such a great idea and you can usually get several tickets even with a dollar amount limit on the gift.  Put them in a small box and wrap them up.  No one ever expects lottery tickets at one of these events but everyone wants them once they see them!  This will be stolen the maximum amount of times very quickly!

You can’t buy these online (at least in my state you can’t) but you can get them at most gas stations and grocery stores.

If you purchase lottery tickets make sure the draw date is after the party!

Make sure you wrap it in this cute white elephant wrapping paper

or this white elephant gift bag!

What do you think of these ideas?

If you’ve been to a party and seen some great ideas for gifts please comment below and tell us what they are!  I’d love to see what others have found to be popular!

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