Global Winter Wonderland

Why You Should Visit Global Winter Wonderland

The Global Winter Wonderland is an experience unlike any other holiday attraction I have ever been to!  It is a[Read More…]

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Stone Mountain Park Atlanta GA

Why You Should Visit Stone Mountain Park In Winter

December is such a busy month for everyone but that doesn’t mean I can’t squeeze a little trip in!  A[Read More…]

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White Elephant Gift Exchange Ideas

Top 5 Gifts for a White Elephant Gift Exchange

The White Elephant Gift Exchange is one of my favorite Christmas party events! It is the only gift exchange (other[Read More…]

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5 Tips for Surviving Black Friday

Surviving Black Friday! STAY HOME!  I realize this is probably falling on deaf ears (or would it be blind eye[Read More…]

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Most Popular Toys For Christmas 2017

I got a call on Friday morning that went something like this: “I’ve seen you’re gift idea lists.  I sure[Read More…]

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Top 10 Teacher Gift Ideas for Christmas

Are you looking for original teacher gift ideas? If you’ve read any of my other gift idea posts you know[Read More…]

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Make Money Taking Surveys

Earn Money From Anywhere!

Taking surveys online is actually a legitimate way to make money online from anywhere!  I know…I did it for quite[Read More…]

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Start Your Own Blog

Bluehost Blog Set-Up Instructions

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your New Blog All you need to do to start your own money making Bluehost[Read More…]

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