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Taking surveys online is actually a legitimate way to make money online from anywhere!  I know…I did it for quite a while after our daughter was born.  It was one of the ways I contributed financially to our household while staying home with our little one.

While you will not get rich doing this, you can easily make an extra $500-$1,000 per month in your free time and with no training!

A little extra money can’t hurt around the holidays either!

Some of these are cash and some of these are gift cards.  Obviously, I prefer cash but I use gift cards for meals, birthday gifts, iTunes, etc.  These are items I would have bought with my cash so the end result is the same!

In order to avoid the initial disappointment I went through I recommend signing up for many (if not all) survey sites in the beginning.  Demographics usually control how many surveys you get offered so some sites will inevitably be better for you than others.  At first I only signed up for a few sites and received about 2 emails a day.  By the time I started making a decent amount of money I had signed up for more than 20 companies!

Here are a few tips before you get started!

  1. Fill out your profile completely and honestly.  This could help you qualify for more surveys.
  2. Check your email often and take a survey as soon as one is offered.  Some only allow an allotted number of participants and they fill up quickly.
  3. Stick with this and give it a real chance.  Don’t give up after you’ve taken 5 surveys and made $3.00!  Some companies send you more offers based on how much you participate!  This really helped me earn more money!
  4. Make sure you complete the sign-up process and complete your first survey to qualify for any sign-up bonuses that may be offered.
  5. Never pay to sign up for a survey site.  That is not legitimate!  You won’t find any of those on my site ever!

Make Money Taking Surveys

20+ Legitimate Survey Sites You Can Use To Earn Up To $1000 Per Month Online

This post contains affiliate links.  This doesn’t cost you anything.  It helps me run the website and give you this information for free.  For more information, see disclosure policy here.

1. MySurvey
This is one of my personal favorites because of the large variety of surveys.  I tend to not get bored with it quickly which makes it easier to earn points.  You can earn anywhere from 10-500 points depending on the length of the survey.  100-200 seems to be the average for a 15-20 minute survey. They also run monthly sweepstakes to encourage more activity from their members.

Payment:  Paypal, Amazon e-certificate, gift cards or donate to charity
Cash-Out:  Minimum $10

Click Here to Join MySurvey


2. Pinecone Research
I recommend this company for several reasons.  The payout is typically higher than other survey companies and they only send you ones that you are qualified for.  They award you a minimum of 300 points per survey which equates to $3.00.  You also have the opportunity to participate in product testing if you qualify which pays more.  This company is very reputable and is by invitation only so be sure to click the link below to be taken to the sign up page.

Payment:  Paypal, Visa prepaid cards, check, giftcards, vouchers or sweepstake entries
Cash-Out:  Minimum $3.00

Click Here to Join Pinecone Research


3. Survey Rewardz
This is not your typical survey site.  You don’t receive several emails a day only to find out that you don’t qualify for that survey.  You have to log into your account and check your dashboard.  This can be inconvenient but the pay usually makes it worth the extra hassle.  I have seen it range from .50 – $10.00.

Payment:  Paypal, check, Visa pre-paid gift card, Amazon gift card, Dwolla
Cash-Out:  Ranges from $1.00 to $5.00 depending on your chosen payment method

Click Here to Join Survey Rewardz


4. InboxDollars
This is a website that pays you to search the web, watch videos, take surveys, read emails, complete offers, etc.  At this moment I have a survey offer that is $5.00 for 20 minutes.  That is great but those are much less common than the .75 for 13 minutes.  I read their paid emails, use their search engine when I remember, and occasionally watch the videos.  These items are usually worth a few cents at best.  Your real opportunity to make money is by completing the offers that they provide you with.  Right now there is an offer for $100 if you sign up for Uber and take your 1st paid passenger within 45 days of your initial application.

Payment:  Prepaid Visa Reward Card, Tango Merchant eCard, check
Cash-Out:  Minimum $30.00

Click Here to Join Inbox Dollars


5.  Toluna USA
This is one of the largest paid survey websites.  They have a user base of over 10 million members.  There are a large number of surveys but you have to qualify for a lot of them.  There are some complaints that they do not disqualify you until you have almost completed a survey and all that time was wasted.  They do give you the opportunity to earn more points by writing opinions, participating in sponsored polls and product testing.  The link above is for females in the USA only but the other options are listed below.
Click Here for Toluna USA (Males Only)
Click Here for Toluna Canada

Payment:  Paypal, check, gift cards, donate to charity, sweepstake entries, and merchandise
Cash-Out:  Minimum $5.00

Click Here to Join Toluna USA Males Only Click Here to Join Toluna Canada


6. MyPoints
This is another site that offers points for taking surveys, reading emails, shopping online, watching videos and playing online games.  This one also gives you points for printing out coupons which I think is pretty great.  You get points out of yet another way to save money!

Payment:  Paypal, Prepaid Visa, gift cards, or add travel miles to your United Mileage Plus account
Cash-Out:  Minimum $10.00 (Minimum for Paypal is $25.00)

Click Here to Join MyPoints


7. Global Test Market
This is strictly a survey website.  They are quite large and have a wide range of survey topics including movies, tourism, restaurants, consumer products and vehicles .  Qualification is a common complaint but they do give you 5 points if you start a survey and end up not qualifying for it.  Most surveys offer around 35 points which is equivalent to about $1.50.  Payment processing takes about 5 weeks which is longer than usual for survey sites but there are fewer complaints of people not getting their payment.

Payment:  Paypal, gift cards, sweepstake entries, and charity donations
Cash-Out:  The minimum depends on what you are redeeming your points for.  There are items for as little as 110 points but for a Paypal cash-out you need 4,800 points.

Click Here to Join Global Test Market


8. YouGov
This site is unique in the fact that their surveys are about politics and public affairs as well as other more general areas of interest.  This is a legitimate trustworthy company but it doesn’t have the best reviews. They’re said to have a large supply of surveys but there is no guarantee that you will qualify for them. The points accrue very slowly as each survey is worth 500-1,000 points.  It has also been reported that as you get closer to the redemption amount the survey invitations come less frequently.  If you love giving your political input though this could be the perfect fit for you!
Click Here for YouGov Males 18+
Click Here for YouGov 18-44

Payment:  Visa prepaid card, gift card, or merchandise
Cash-Out:  Minimum $15.00 which equates to 25,000 points

Click Here to Join YouGov Males 18+ Click Here to Join YouGov 18-44


9. Opinion Outpost
This is a top contender in the “get paid to take surveys” market.  They have plenty of surveys due to the many companies they partner with.  They have very low minimum redemption thresholds.  They also have an incredible turn around time on payment.  It is not unheard of to have your payment within an hour.  Due to the low threshold you can reach the minimum in a day or two if you take the surveys as they are sent to you. You can also log in and check your account for new opportunities like product testing.

Payment:  Paypal, gift cards, sweepstakes entries, American Red Cross charity donation
Cash-Out:  $5.00 for gift cards, $10.00 for Paypal

Click Here to Join Opinion Outpost


10. EarningStation
EarningStation is a website much like Inbox Dollars that pays you to take surveys, shop online, clip coupons, watching videos, etc.  

Payment:  Gift cards, virtual gift cards and Paypal
Cash-Out:  Minimum $25.00

Click Here to Join Earning Station

The 10 sites listed above are my personal favorites!  These are the ones that I have had the most success with.  However, with demographics being a factor, that could mean nothing for you.

Here is a list of other popular sites that I recommend you sign up for to have a better chance of being selected for more surveys and making more money!

Harris Poll Online
E-Poll Surveys
E-Poll Surveys 13-24
Survey Junkie
Zen Surveys
One Opinion
VIP Voice
Opinion Network
Vindale SOI
Vindale SOI Mobile
Survey Voices
Product Testing USA
Point Club DOI

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